Thursday, January 19, 2012


Hello! Long time no blog! You know if i'm not writing, it means i already have another writing assignments. Haha.

So, now i'm actually in the middle of long holiday, so there's a lot of time to share with my family and friends. If i have nothing to do, usually i hang out with my mom, just take a walk for window shopping, or do the actual shopping. After a long walk, we usually find a place to sit and have snack (or maybe dinner), and Kopitiam is one of our favourite.

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We usually go for Kopitiam with the red circle logo, they have their outlet at Mall Taman Anggrek, Central Park, Gandaria City, and more. My mother loves their Traditional Kaya Toast (22k). Their kaya jam is different from the others, its soft and delicious. And it comes with french fries, which i thought not a good combination. I just think they're not meant together, sweet bread with salty fries. But its ok, both of them are delicious when you eat it separately.

As for my dishes, i always order their Mamak Mee Goreng (36k). Its a fried noodles malaysian style, which used fried tofu and potato inside. Noddles with potato is a genius! I looove it. 
But i got bored lately, so on my last visit, i ordered something else. It's Char Kuey Teow (36,5k), and it became my new favourite. The kuey teow are small and chewy, and the spice was just perfect. Definitely will order that again for my next visit. :)

Btw, on my last visit, my father joined us for dinner, and his dish was Nasi Lemak Chicken (33,5k). I tried it but i think it's just standard. Not bad, but not as good as my kuey teow. 

 Mall Taman Anggrek, Grand Indonesia West Mall, Gandaria City, The East Building, PIM Area 51, The Living World Alam Sutera & Central Park LG.

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