Sunday, April 06, 2014

Lasagna Lasagne by Virra Vinsenssa

I am a big fan of lasagna. And not only a big fan, when it comes to lasagna, I'm also a picky fan. Well as you might've known, there are three important components in lasagna: the pasta, the tomato beef sauce, and the cream sauce. And for me, it's hard to find a lasagna with balanced tomato-ey and creamy taste. I just hate it when I ordered lasagna in the restaurant and it came too creamy or too tomato-ey for my tastebud. But you know what, I think I just found the perfect lasagna for me.

Meet Lasagna Lasagne, the famous online brand which specializes in lasagna. The store was established just recently in mid 2013, yet they've made quite a number of loyal customers till now. The owner, Virra Vinsenssa said that the key is "Fresh From The Oven". Lasagna Lasagne always make their lasagna based on order and deliver it right away to keep them fresh. 

Classic Beef Lasagna 
The Classic Beef Lasagna is everybody's favorite. It was layers of lasagna cooked till Al Dente  filled with generous tomato beef sauce and white sauce, and drizzled with mozzarella cheese. All the components were made into perfection and balancing each other really well. The perfectly cooked pasta, ground beef, tomato sauce and white sauce, all of them tasted great together without any of it overpowering the others. Not to mention the mozzarella cheese, which is melted perfectly with crusty texture at the top. Major Yum!

Bratwurst Lasagna
Well when you started to think that lasagna couldn't be possibly better than the Classic Beef Lasagna, here comes this: Bratwurst Lasagna! It is basically the same perfection as the Classic Beef Lasagna, but with generous slices of THICKLY CUT BEEF BRATWURST SAUSAGES! Oh I don't think I need to explain the flavor, you fellow meat lovers must've been able to imagine the heavenly taste of it yourself.

To end today's review, of course here's the variants, size, and price of Lasagna Lasagne.

Classic Beef Lasagna
Mushroom Tomato Lasagna
Mix Beef and Mushroom Lasagna
Large: oval 18x8x4,5cm - IDR 95,000
Small: rectangle 15x7x3cm - IDR 55,000

Bratwurst Lasagna
Large: oval 18x8x4,5cm - IDR 110,000
Small: rectangle 15x7x3cm - IDR 65,000

Thank you for the superb lasagna, Lasagna Lasagne. Couldn't wait to place my next order soon! 

ph. 0856-1300-086
line. lasagnalasagne                        


  1. wow, I love lasagna!
    Thanks for your review

    wanna check out and follow each other?
    I'm newbie food blogger <3


    1. Hi Andrea, you should try Lasagna Lasagne if you love lasagna!

      Sure, love to read your stories, I've followed your blog :)


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