Saturday, March 08, 2014

Koffie Warung Tinggi d/h Tek Soen Hoo

The fifth floor of Grand Indonesia West Mall is occupied by a lot of new restaurants lately. One of them is Koffie Warung Tinggi, the old coffee shop which has been established since 1878, and now opening it's second outlet with a brand new concept.

Last week when me and my besties wandered around the fifth floor, we were attracted by this coffee shop because of two things: the comfy sofas and the martabak bar. Well it's pretty hard to find martabak inside malls, isn't it? And also the interior looks really nice, it is old and modern at the same time. By the way I didn't bring my camera that day, so please bear with the phone-quality photos.

Not only serving coffee and martabak, Koffie Warung Tinggi also serves selection of  Indonesian main courses like nasi goreng, nasi uduk, and bubur ayam. To place your order here, you have to queue at the cashier and pay it first, and then the waiter will serve the meal to your table when it's ready.

Koffie Peranakan (IDR 30.000)
A friend of mine was asking for their specialty coffee, and the barista recommended Koffie Peranakan, a glass of coffee made of a mixture of arabica and robusta coffee. To be honest I'm not a coffee person, all coffee tasted quite the same for me, only some is more fragrant than the others, and this coffee is certainly the fragrant one, I love love love the smell. You can also ask the barista to serve the condensed milk separately, so you can adjust the sweetness as you like it.

Green Tea Latte (IDR 34.000)
That day I wasn't in the mood for coffee, but I would love to see latte art on my cup, so I ordered the green tea latte. It came in the beautiful green latte art, of course. The taste of green tea was strong and sweet, a little bit too sweet for me, but still enjoyable.

Martabak Ovomaltine Keju (IDR 135.000, Large Size)
We were sold at the first time we saw the ovomaltine word on the menu. Even though it was quite pricey topping, (the price of the plain martabak is IDR 50.000, the ovomaltine topping is IDR 62.500, and the cheese topping is IDR 17.500) we're still excited to try it and put high hopes on it. Maybe too high, because in the end, we were disappointed. Yes, the martabak comes in large size, but the amount topping was stingy. Even though it looks like the ovomaltine was bursting out from the inside on the picture, but in the other part we could barely taste it. And also when it was served, all the ovomaltine has melted, so we couldn't taste the crunchy powdery chocolate milk texture that we expected before. The same happened with the cheese. The martabak itself was actually okay, but for me not as good as the martabak you buy on the street. Maybe we should've ordered the small size, because I'm hearing good reviews on the mini ovomaltine martabak. I presume, because the surface is smaller, the ovomaltine would pile up and not all melted like this, so it would definitely be better than this.

For me I have a quite pleasant time here with my friends, and the service was also great. At first we got seated on the dining table because the sofas were full, but a couple minutes later the waiter came back to us and asked if we wanted to move to the the sofa area, for they already have one vacant sofa. Beverages were also good, but they still should make improvements on the food section.

Koffie Warung Tinggi d/h Tek Soen Hoo
Grand Indonesia West Mall 5th floor
Jl. MH Thamrin no.1
Jakarta Pusat
ph. (021) 235 80312


  1. wah really? g pesen ovomaltine + skippy, melimpah bgt toppingnya. tp g yg mini sih bukan yg besar. sayang bgt harga mahal gt trus toppingnya pelit.

    1. Iya kalau pesen yg mini sih katanya toppingnya memuaskan ya, ini emang sih martabaknya ukurannya gede tp toppingnya tipiss bgt, kecewa >.<

  2. Buat yang penasaran dengan rasa Mie Samyang, Nestea Thai Tea, Ovomaltine bisa beli di toko kita di :

    Happy Shopping ^^ maaf numpang iklan, hanya menginfokan sekiranya penasaran ingin coba rasanya, trimakasih :)


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