Thursday, October 10, 2013


It is getting harder to find local snacks in Jakarta, isn't it? I just realized that since I got my full time job, I hardly have time to find local snacks. My office is connected to a mall, so I stick to what the mall have to offer, but local snack is not on the list. I think the only time I bought local snacks is when I went to Bandung for weekend trip.

Just in time to cure my local snack craving, Desanesia offered me to try their products, which use 100% local products and made based on the recipe that has been handed down from generation to generation, but manufactured with advanced technology so there is no doubt that the quality is well maintained. Even better, their products could be delivered right to your doorstep. Who could resist such convenience?

There are currently two kind of snacks developed by Desanesia: Mini Ranginang and Spinach Chips. But they come in several taste variants, and here's what I got:

Original Cheese Mini Ranginang (IDR 19.500), Spicy Cheese Mini Ranginang (IDR 19.500), and Cream Cheese Mini Ranginang (IDR 28.000). Their Ranginang comes in perfect bite size and excellent crunchiness. It is crunchy, but surprisingly not oily at all. Amongst all flavor, my personal favorite still goes down to the Original Cheese flavor. I just can't stop myself to finish the whole pack that time (Ops). The Spicy Cheese flavor was slightly too hot for my tastebud, while the Cream Cheese flavor was definitely an inovation, but still for me, their Original Cheese flavor is the best!

In the other hand, from their two flavors of Spinach Chips: Original Spinach Chips (IDR 15.000) and Spicy Spinach Chips (IDR 15.000), I prefer the spicy flavor. Actually the seasoning was already nice, kinda reminds me of "Rempeyek", but this is using spinach as the main ingredient. But adding the spiciness is just feels right.

So how to get these fascinating local snacks? Easy, just mention them on twitter @desanesia or @desainovasi, or order it via distributor Adinda Soraya (+6285624249502) or Adjie Wicaksana (+62818143540). For more information, also visit their website

Remember that as you consume their snacks, you are also supporting local products and help empowering the local people of Cikidang and Cikoneng Village. Ciao!

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