Friday, December 07, 2012

Detention Room

The last time I went to Rukan Crown Golf PIK blok D was to try the famous Ikkudo Ichi Ramen about three months ago. Two days ago I went to that area again, and I was so surprised how things have been developed for the last three months. The area is getting more lively, more restaurants are open, the parking spot was almost full even though it was only a normal Tuesday night.

More restaurants means more choices, so me and David decided to try something new. Our decision goes to Detention Room. They've got colorful chalk writings and drawings on the blackboard all over the place, over the unfinished-look room with no finishing on the floor, walls, and ceiling. Simple but nice.

We ordered a bowl of Broccoli Cream Soup (IDR 19.130) for our appetizer. I've always loved creamy food, so this dish just got an easy win. The creamy texture was perfect, the garlic bread was soft and delicious, and the portion was quite a lot. 

In Detention Room, B.Y.O.B is one of their specialties. You can create your own burger, choose your own toppings, sauce, and side dish! I found it fun, so I tried to create mine. My B.Y.O.B burger was a single beef patty soft bun topped with hard boiled egg, cheese, smoked beef, and barbeque sauce, served with potato wedges as the side dish (IDR 34.783). Yeah, my burger got no vegetables in it. I don't like raw vegetables, but usually I'll have mushroom burger. But when you have to choose between sauteed mushroom and smoked beef for your topping, I'll clearly go with smoked beef :p

Anyway, the burger was really good! The bun was soft, the beef patty was thick and delicious, and the smoked beef added crispiness into the burger texture. The only lack I found is the quantity of the BBQ sauce, that my burger felt kinda dry on my latest bites. But it was definitely a fun and delicious experience.


As for David's main course, he ordered Black Pepper beef with Rice (34.783). The black pepper beef came  covered with flour, and the black pepper sauce's color was red instead of black, which is unusual. But the taste was also yummy.

For the dessert, Detention Room got another specialty, the Deep Fried Chocolate Bars, which was very tempting. But that day we've planned to try bubble tea in it's neighbor, The Lab. So better save it for my next visit!

Ruko Crown Golf Blok D #28, 
Pantai Indah Kapuk, 
Jakarta, Indonesia
facebook: Detention Room


  1. Two things you must try here: The Dark Chocolate Hot Cocoa, and their Loco Moco. ;) But glad you enjoyed the BYOB. Its not something common to customize a burger. Gotta love it ;)

    1. Noted, will do on my next visit :) Have you tried the deep fried chocolate bar?


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