Tuesday, December 25, 2012

The Belly Clan

 Merry christmas everyone! I haven't written anything for weeks, so I'm gonna pay it with this long review of one of the newest place in town, The Belly Clan!

Last saturday, me and my highschool friends were having a twist event, me and my friend Jessie's birthday lunch, and also a little christmas celebration by exchanging christmas gifts. Jessie and I picked the place, so we decided to hold it in The Belly Clan. The place is new, and we've heard good reviews from several bloggers,  so why not?

I really love the entrance of the restaurant. It's located in the Intiland Tower's lobby, which is decorated with old white tiles, vines, and a glimpse of sunlight, making the modern western facade stands out among the old building. I was planning to take pictures of it after lunch, but the rain poured heavily that time, so just go see it yourself :) Anyway, the interior was also nice, typical western restaurant.

There were seven of us, and we ordered full meal from appetizer to desserts, so I'll just describe them one by one. The service timing was wierd, several main course were served before the appetizer.

Belly Clan Nachos (IDR 40.000)
Nachos is a must-order dish wherever we go, so we ordered it too here. The nachos here were delicious, crunchy and fresh, portion was quite big, but we thought that it was't nachos. It didn't taste like corn chips, it was more like fried wonton skin. Anyway, we were hungry, and it tasted delicious, so it's forgiven. lol.

Truffle Macaroni (IDR 30.000)
It's more like mac and cheese. Everything cheesy or creamy works for me, so this one did too.

Thai Pesto Spaghetti (IDR 75.000)
This was my dish. It was a pesto-style spaghetti, served with prawns and fried quail eggs. Actually, it was my first time eating pesto spaghetti, and I don't really like it. The olive oil taste was too strong for me.

 Pan-Fried Salmon (IDR 85.000)
The Pan Fried Salmon was served with tumeric rice and salsa sauce. Tasted a bite of the salmon, and it was good and fresh.

Wagyu Beef Burger (IDR 95.000)
This was my first choice, until I read that they're using kimchi as the topping. I don't like kimchi, so I changed my mind. But a friend of mine ordered it, and it was dissapointing for him. He said that he'd prefer burger king to this one. Ouch.

 Crab Fettucine (IDR 75.000)
This one were meeting my tastebud. The Singapore Chilli Crab sauce were delicious. It was not too spicy, but the taste is strong.

Orange Yuzu Glazed Chicken (IDR 80.000)
This one took the longest to be served, but my friend said, it was worth to wait. The chicken was roasted perfectly, and the corn also tasted great. 

Warm Bread and Butter Pudding (IDR 35.000)
This is our favourite dessert among all. The bread pudding were warm and soft, and it melted in the mouth with the cold ice cream. Heaven! We even ordered one extra portion of this. One is not enough for us ;)

Rainbow in a Jar (IDR 35.000)
Unlike the other rainbow cake, the one inside this jar was a cheesecake. I kinda like it too, but not as good as the bread pudding.

Chocolate Fudge Cake (IDR 55.000)
If nachos is our must-order appetizer, then a warm chocolate cake is our must-order dessert. This one was also good, but not special. We usually prefer a choco lava cake, but there's none here, so this one was just a fair substitute.

Overall, in this restaurant, I like their desserts better than their appetizer and main course. But it's worth to try though :D

The Belly Clan
Jln. Jend Sudirman Kav 32, 
Jakarta, Indonesia 10220
ph. +6221 57906000
f. http://www.facebook.com/thebellyclan

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