Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Slice of Heaven


It's been exactly four months since my last post. How time flies! Got stuck with work and real life that I got no time to play here :)

Anyway, last week I suddenly just miss blogging so much, and that's when I spotted the Slice of Heaven. I was hanging out with my girls at Grand Indonesia, looking for something to eat. And this place was just too cute to be ignored. Decorated with warm wooden texture combined with pastel blue color, it was just the right place to have your meal with your girls.

Actually, the first time I saw their name, "Slice of Heaven", my mind suddenly brought me to a heavenly and sinful slice of cake with cream and fresh fruits all over it. But when we ask for the menu, Slice of Heaven is actually an eatery, serving full course meal from appetizer to desserts. Bad news, they don't have any cakes selection.

But they do have quite appetizing menu selections, from Western to Japanese. Oh and they serve Pork here, lot's of it. Yay or nay? For me, absolut yay!

Bacon Wrap (IDR 95.000)
Choices of grilled chicken or pork wrapped with bacon. Well we chose the grilled pork. Could you imagine the juicy and fatty grilled pork wrapped in bacon and dipped into chilli mayo? Absolutely sinfully delicious! Just don't count the cholestrol, lol.

Tofu Beef Cheese (IDR 85.000)
Oven-baked Japanese Tofu and Minced Beef served with Baked Potato on a hotplate. This is everybody's comfort food, isn't it? Something cooked with bolognese sauce and melted cheese, who could resist? This time it's tofu. But I still prefer pasta though, tofu was too soft to be the hero.

Brownies S'mores (IDR 85.000)
Warm baked brownies with chewy and crispy marshmallow on top. Well I'm a huge brownies fan, I love any brownies! And this one is no exception, love love the texture of the freshly baked brownies which was crispy on the outside but soft and moist at the inside. Taste was a little too sweet for me, but still acceptable.

True Lies (IDR 125.000)
For the drinks selections, they have limited variants of mocktails which is served in a jug, and available to be shared for up to 4 persons. This one was a combination of orange and peach with fresh diced strawberries, which tasted tangy and fresh!

We were quite satisfied with what we had that day. Would love to be back to try their pork pizzas! 
Oh and while the girls are having a nice long chat here, the boys could enjoy playing billiard at Q Billiard next door, which is ran under the same company. 

Slice of Heaven
Grand Indonesia West Mall 5th floor
(across The People's Cafe)
Central Jakarta

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